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A brief history...

David Maile & Michael Gilbert of the WakeHereward Project


David Maile hails from the 'Capital of the Fens' and lives in west Norfolk.

His past includes working for many years in the Music, Broadcasting and Events Industries in a number of roles.

At the turn of the millennium he rekindled his childhood interest in Hereward the Wake and began an adventurous journey in the study of Hereward and the undertaking of a History degree at Anglia Ruskin University.

He is now Director of Operations & Hereward historian of the

WakeHereward Project, designed to raise the profile of the folklore hero of the Fenlands, Hereward the Wake.

He is currently researching and writing his debut book about Hereward.





Michael Gilbert recently gained a Phd in History at Leicester University and has a background in civil engineering consultancy. Also from Wisbech, he now lives in south Lincolnshire. He met David, an old school classmate, at a WakeHereward Project event at Crowland Abbey and having written a thesis on Hereward at University for his MA was keen to begin working with David to raise the profile of Hereward. Michael is now Academic Manager & Fenlands Historian of the WakeHereward Project. Michael is currently working on a number of texts on the Medieval Fenlands.

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