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The  Hereward Archives

The Hereward Archives is a 'Members Only' area and is a service for Academic, Educational and Literary Research purposes. Here you will find information, texts, books, links, video and more on the Historical, Literary and Folkloric Hereward. 

To apply for membership you must first be or become a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group at: and you must also be a subscriber to this website where you will find details of how to become a member once you have subscribed.

Academic and Educational Institutions, Lecturers and Teachers, Researchers, Historical Societies, Media and Journalists should contact us directly and request access through the contact form on this website.

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Hereward Research

Biographical books Articles, Journals, Features & Academic Texts about the historical Hereward

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Hereward Sources

Primary and secondary source medieval chronicles & texts about the historical Hereward


Literary Hereward

Fictional Literary Works and Novels, Plays and Poetry written about Hereward 

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Artwork & Illustrations of Hereward, name of artist and origin of artwork. 

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Texts & Publications

Recent Research Texts & Publications on Hereward from the WakeHereward Project

Hereward Radio Times front cover 11 Sept

Broadcast & Video

Information and video footage on television, documentary and news about Hereward.

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