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Hereward Charity Challenge

The Hereward Charity Challenge is a charity event organised by the WakeHereward Project aimed at raising funds for a charity

chosen from within the confines of the WakeHereward Project and deemed a good cause that is in someway connected with the Hereward story or

linked to any constituent parts of the WakeHereward Project. Our aim is to organise the Hereward Charity Challenge as a bi-annual event.

It will always be based upon a long-distance hike connected to the Hereward story with the main charity hiker representing Hereward. 

Our next Hereward Charity Challenge will be announced on this page once it is confirmed.

The Hereward Charity Challenge Trophy supplied by Hereward Sports

Our inaugural Hereward Charity Challenge

took place over 2nd & 3rd June 2021.

Medieval re-enactor and charity hiker

Lewis Kirkbride raised over

£2500 for ManHealth Charity

when he hiked 40 miles over two days in

four and a half stone of medieval armour from Peterborough to Ely along the

Hereward Way National Walking Path. 

HCC D2 Ely Cath Lew and Dean and trophy and others SB_edited.jpg

The event began at Peterborough Cathedral and finished at Ely Cathedral, with the Dean of each cathedral playing the part of handling the Hereward Charity Challenge Trophy, which represented the gold & silver Hereward stole from Peterborough on 2nd June 1070 before stashing it at Ely where he made his stand against William the Conqueror. The two-day event was covered by BBC Radio Camb's tthroughout and made Anglia Tv News on both days,

HCC D1 Pbro Cath walkout of arch L and others SB.jpg

Anglia Tv News 2nd June 2021

Anglia Tv News 3rd June 2021

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