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Hereward Living History

Featuring Rory Gibson as Hereward the Wake

Historical Re-enactments & Living History Events

The WakeHereward Project created the arrangement of date-specific Hereward Living History events in 2017, which have proved to be a great success, entertaining children and adult alike while educating people on the local history at the time of the Norman Conquest and the role Hereward played in his rebellion across the Fens.

Through partnering local organisations and institutions we are building a consistent programme that alternates between locations each year and each event has a specific name describing it that matches the historical moment being captured.

Our Events

Hereward Rising! - 2nd June

Hereward's sacking of Peterborough on 2nd June 1070. (Peterborough)

Hereward Returns! - September

Hereward's return from exile in early September 1067 (Bourne)

Hereward's Last Stand! - 27th October

The defeat of Hereward's rebel army on the Isle of Ely on 27th October 1071 (Ely) 

Hereward's Wake - December

 Hereward's death and burial (Crowland)

They are not necessarily annual events nor are they necessarily held at the location appertaining to the historical event or stated hereunder, or they may be taking place on the weekend following the date stated, so always check this sites forthcoming events calender for details.

Other events are currently being earmarked for specific locations.

WakeHereward Project - All Rights Reserved

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Stephen Hansen (left) is a stalwart of the re-enactment world and a key man in the Militias of Anglia re-enactment group. For Hereward Living History Stephen becomes a baddie, such as in his role as Oger the Breton in Hereward Returns! Luke Marshall (centre) when not working at York Army Museum usually plays a supporting role to Hereward. In Hereward Returns he was Thorkell the Sheriff of Lincoln & Lady Godiva's brother and in Hereward Rising! and Hereward's Last Stand! he performed as Thorkell of Harringworth one of the wealthiest landowners in the East Midlands and close companion to Hereward at Ely. Heather Bailey when not working at the Beamish Museum or on the set of The Outlander occassionally spends her time down in the Fens acting as Hereward's wife Torfrida or his legendary mother Lady Godiva depending upon the event! 

Hereward Folkingham Daniel Isted.jpg Filtered.jpg

Hereward Living History re-enactment events are built around the characterisation of Hereward the Wake by Rory Gibson, scripted and directed by David Maile with several key re-enactors performing specific roles. The core of Hereward's Band of Men come from the Cambridgeshire branch of the national Anglo-Saxon society Regia Anglorum., they are re-enactment group Grantanbrycg led by Matt Greatrex. The Normans are sourced from the national society Historia Normannis, generally coming from the Derby and Sussex branches.

Below you can meet some of the re-enactors that collectively come together for Hereward Living History events.

Hereward Band of Men group shot Folkingham DM.jpg

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Grantanbrycg act as Hereward's Band of Men with amongst others Matt Greatrex  as 'The Sickle' Richard Cox as Hrothgar 'The Cook' and Troy Barham as Siward the Red.  Oleg Ratcliffe is in the Band of Men though sometimes represents a drunk Norman or Dada the captured Norman knight

Hereward Martin Aldreth Fire.jpg

7 year old Percy Lamb is flying the Hereward flag as Rahenald the Steward of Ramsey, Standard Bearer in Hereward's army while 14 year old Roy Joksas performs as Hereward's man servant Martin Lightfoot.

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