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King's Ely Prep

The Hereward Educational classes for schools with the King's Ely Prep have already begun with history teacher Amy at the helm and here on display are the fruits of that labour where the Year 7 school children have designed and drawn their own life-size Hereward images.

Already the class have become familiar with the Hereward legend, whereby he was exiled at the age of 18 and became a mercenary soldier travelling to Cornwall and Ireland before become a 'famous knight among the more famous' under the banner of the Duke of Flanders.

His famous last stand at Ely during the Norman Conquest of England resonated with the young students. Hereward was defending the folk of the Fens, their land and their institutions against an oppressive King William and with the King's Ely school being one of the oldest school's in the world with its foundation dated as AD 970, this very school was one of those institutions that Hereward was protecting. Being housed within the confines of the monastery at Ely and today being part of and standing next to the magnificent Ely Cathedral, it soon became apparent to the whole class that where they were actually standing and drawing the images of Hereward you see here, Hereward himself would have stood over 950 years ago! 

Not only that, the school can also claim King Edward the Confessor as one of its former scholars, the very king whose succession led to the crisis that culminated in the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and William the Conqueror's ascendancy to the English throne on Christmas Day of that same year.

As a local history project the national history at the most cataclysmic moment in the history of the English could not possibly have any closer connection. 

The young scholars at King's Ely Prep are already well-versed in the Hereward legend and are articulating his history and happenings and are looking forward to the appearance of Hereward himself on Friday 19th January during the school assembly for Year 7 and Year 8 students.

Performed by Rory G, our Hereward will be regaling tales of 'The Heroes Journey' from Exile to Ely in a 20 minute acting monologue of 'Medieval Street Theatre' produced by Hereward Living History. 

We shall have a recap here in one week's time with some photo's of Hereward's appearance at King's Ely. In the meantime enjoy the artistic talents of the Year 7 scholars. One day these young students will be sitting telling tales of Hereward to their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren, ensuring the longevity of the legend of Hereward, the folk hero of the Fens.

Kings Hereward draw yr7 2.jpg
Kings Hereward draw yr7 3.jpg
Kings hereward draw yr7 4.jpg
image002 (1).jpg

The young Herewardistas of Year 7 & Year 8 at King's Ely Prep thoroughly enjoyed the lightning visit by Herewarde the Wake on Friday 19th January as part of the History unit devised by teacher Amy Beck with the WakeHereward Project.

Where the folk hero of the Fens was once unknown there was a school-wide buzz about him once he had left on Friday morning thanks to the talents of medieval re-enactor Rory Gibson in the role as Hereward

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