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An Evening
Remembering Hereward
History - Folklore - Legend
Friday 29th October 7pm
Aldreth Village Centre - Camb's - CB6 3PQ

A Stellar line-up of Historians!

Hereward DA without (1).jpg

950 years ago the folk of the Fens were suffering under the 'Norman Yoke' as famine swept across the country and King William 'the Conqueror' turned most of the English into servitude in their own land and in many cases, on their own land.

In the Fenlands of the East one pocket of resitance led by the rebel Hereward was still holding out against the Conqueror's oppressive regime and was proving to be a magnet for noblemen and the dispossessed.

Attempts to gain access onto the Isle of Ely, where the rebels were based, proved disastrous for William's army. Thereinafter Hereward's actions at Aldreth Causeway passed into legend.

Hereward's forces finally capitulated, through treachery, on the

27th October 1071.

We Remember Him this Evening.

Mike Petty.jpg

The popular Fenland Historian Mike Petty

We proudly present

Researcher, Lecturer and Historian

Mike Petty, the most widely acknowleged authority on Cambridge and the Fenlands. Over many years Mike compiled the Cambridgeshire Collection, housed in a suite of its own in

Cambridge Central library

Sean Lang.jpg

The well-known Cambridge Historian Dr Sean Lang will host the evening

We proudly present our Host for the evening:

Dr Sean Lang is Senior Lecturer in History at Anglia Ruskin University and a frequent broadcaster on BBC Radio Cambridgeshire and Cambridge 105 Radio. He also lectures for Cambridge University's Institute of Continuing Education and is a frequent panel speaker for the Institute of Ideas.

David Roffe and me..jpg

Professor David Roffe (left) and David Maile (centre) at a WakeHereward Project event

We proudly present

Among the most eminent of Conquest Historians, Professor David Roffe is an honorary research fellow at the University of Sheffield. He is co-director of the Sheffield Hundred Rolls Project, but his main area of study has been Domesday having published extensively on different aspects of the record. David has published  academic texts on Hereward.

David Maile has been researching and promoting Hereward since 2004 and in 2013 founded the WakeHereward Project. 

Nigel Amos as Abbot Turold 4_edited_edited.jpg

We proudly announce equestrian re-enactor Nigel Amos as our fifth speaker. Nigel has many years experience as a medieval re-enactor and rode the lead horse in the recent Battle of Hastings re-enactment and will make a presentation on the Normans. 

The evening will also see our Host Dr Sean Lang introduce some of the main re-enactors including Hereward re-enactor Rory Gibson and Heather Bailey who will perform the part of Hereward's wife Torfrida.

Admission by ticket only. Doors Open 6:45pm for 7pm start.

All current Covid regulations apply - attendees must wear a mask on entry. 

Switch phones to silent.

No audio, or video recording allowed.

No photography allowed

until the end.

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