Another successful online event for the WakeHereward Project after rescheduling from the original date of 15th September. Thankyou all who attended and the thorough questions during the Q&A section. 36 people in attendance is our highest number of online attendeed so far, we hope more of you will come along to the Michaelmas event on 29th September featuring Professor Maria Peltzer and her presentation 'Cultural Heritage Hereward'. You must be or become a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group to obtain the link on the day. Facebook.com/Groups/HerewardTheWake

Heritage Open Days

Online Presentation on Google Meet

'Hereward Returns'

Sunday 1th September 7.30pm UK time

                          Presented By

David Maile & Maria Peltzer

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Hereward's return from exile and his slaughter of the Normans at Bourne some time after the Battle of Hastings forms one of the most dramatic events in his legend. In the early 12th Century a Benedictine monk, universally recognised as Richard of Ely, wrote an account of a soldier he called Hereward 'the Outlaw'. Although having difficulty finding information about 'a famous knight among the more famous' he claimed that Hereward was the son of a nobleman he called 'Leofric of Bourne'. The Great Survey of 1086 more commonly known as the Domesday Book, ordered by King William 'the Conqueror' to record land, property and possessions for taxation purposes, bears no record of a Leofric of Bourne, instead it records that Earl Morcar held the Manor of Bourne at the time of the death of King Edward 'the Confessor' in 1066, while recording Hereward as a tenant of Peterborough Abbey and Crowland Abbey in a number of villages in south Lincolnshire. It raises the question of the validity of Hereward as a son of Bourne and his status as a nobleman and knight. 

In this presentation  Hereward Historian David Maile presents the evidence for and against this assertion and draws conclusions on Hereward's validity as a son of Bourne while Maria Peltzer evaluates Hereward's worth to cultural tourism in the town of Bourne and around south Lincolnshire.

Duration: 30 minutes. plus Q+A

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All welcome!

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World Folklore Day

Special Online Presentation
Tuesday 25th August 2020
On 'Google Meet' 7.30pm (UK time)

The Folk Hero of the Fens

Hereward the Wake

Presented by

David Maile & Maria Peltzer

You must be or become a member of the the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group to obtain the link to the presentation. The link will be posted online at 7:15pm at Facebook.com/Groups/HerewardTheWake

Then go to Meet.Google.Com & paste in the link

UPDATE!  After a successful online event with the presentation of 'Kingsley's Hereward' & 'Evaluating Hereward as Cultural Heritage of the Fens' on Tuesday 25th August we are re-structuring the online presentations into a formulated programme.

Therefore the next online presentation will be on Tuesday 15th September, details will be published on this page in due course.

'Kingsley's Hereward'' - The Manufacturing of a Folklore Hero

                       - Cause - Purpose - & Consequence -


      'Evaluating Hereward as Cultural Heritage of the Fens'

Duration: 35 to 45 minutes, David and Maria will deliver two presentations on Hereward. 'Kingsley's Hereward' analyses how the Victorian novelist Charles Kingsley created a folklore hero to utilise as a vehicle for his ideology, a doctrine that permeated British society and the impact it had upon Britain and its Empire. It will be followed by analysis of the opportunity the Fenlands has to embrace a world renowned icon to encourage cultural tourism into the region of the Fenlands.

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