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Online Presentations

Details of a new season of Hereward online talks over the winter months to be announced soon!

The WakeHereward Project has been organising regular Online Educational and Learning Presentations centred on the historical and folkloric figure of  Hereward the Wake, delivered by Historian David AC Maile and Anthropologist, Archaeologist and Folklorist Maria Eugenia Peltzer, as well as a number of guest presenters. 

We welcome your attendance as we impart our research and knowledge to further the cause to have Hereward recognised as an important cultural heritage icon of the Fenlands of Eastern England.

These events are not filmed as they would be counter-productive to audience figures and the ongoing research of the project. Neither do we give permission for these events to be filmed by any third-party whatsoever, for the previously stated reasons and because the attendees have not consented. There are, however, plans being laid for filming in the near future.

To attend these events you will need to be or become a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook group at where a link will be posted 10 minutes before commencement of the presentation.

All Online Presentations featured are the copyright and intellectual property of the WakeHereward Project and the individual presenters. 

Click link to go to Hereward the Wake Facebook group

The WakeHereward Project has had a tremendous response to the online presentations each of which are 20 minutes long plus Q&A and the preamble at the beginning while people assemble. We thank you for your attendance, support and interest and endeavour to bring these presentations to those interested on a regular basis. Take care and stay safe. #WakeHereward

Luke WandW 2.jpg

Weapons & Warfare in the Fens

Luke Marshall of Jorvik Vikingr (pictured on the left), one of the guest speakers for the WakeHereward Project at the Weapons & Warfare online event on 29th January, has offered to present his talk on the Vikings and Housecarls again, for those who missed it the first time and those who would like to see it again. It will also enable a lengthier Question and Answer session. This may be of particular interest to those of you who are historical novelists or academic researchers. Just ask Luke! 

The presentation will take place in the new designated sub-group of the WakeHereward Project, 'Weapons and Warfare in the Fens'.

We have booked the session for next Sunday evening, 14th February, at 7pm as their has been sufficient interest to re-run the session. You can join this new group here:

See you there!

We had 31 attendees at the 'Weapons & Warfare in the Fens - Vikings & Huscarls' presentation by Luke Marshall of Jorvik Vikingr on Sunday evening. We hope some of you can see yourselves on the screenshot images posted here, taken by Maria.

It was a long and informative session. Maria Peltzer hosted the event which lasted two hours and ten minutes in total. David Maile began the evening with a talk and presentation that gave an overview of the image of Hereward in folklore and a grounding of his history as well as detailing the approach to the Fens taken by William the Conqueror in his efforts to dislodge Hereward's rebellion in the Fens.

Luke Marshall of Jorvik Vikingr highlighted the weaponry and style of warfare of the Danish Huscarls who supported Hereward on his sacking of Peterborough Monastery in June 1070 as well as the weapons that would have been utilised by the Norse that were attached to Hereward's band and in the north at York and Durham at the time of the insurrection across England that opposed the Conqueror's rule.

The Question and Answer session was particularly good and informative with a wide range of questions answered by David and Luke.

The evening was a great success and we look forward to seeing all who attend, welcoming familiar faces back and accommodating the new attendees when we arrange our next online talk.

These live online presentations are an educational programme designed by David Maile and Maria Peltzer of the WakeHereward Project in order to further inform the public about the Anglo-Saxon warrior and folk hero of the Fens we have come to know as Hereward the Wake.

Weapons and warfare flyer.jpg

The Weapons and Warfare in the Fens online educational presentation was another resounding success for the WakeHereward Project.

Special thanks to Matt of Grantanbrycg, Luke of Jorvik Vikingr and Simon of Vanguard for sharing their knowledge with us at the WakeHereward Project and with the 51 people who turned out and attended the event, many who expressed their enjoyment.

Watch out for future events being posted!

Weapons & Warfare in the Fens

We have a stellar line-up of Speakers/Presenters for the WakeHereward Project online presentation 'Weapons and Warfare in the Fens' (at the time of the Norman Conquest) which takes place on Friday 29th January at 7:30pm.

We will introduce all three of our guests over the coming weekend, they are Matt Greatrex of Grantanbrycg, Luke Marshall of Jorvik Vikingr and Simon McShane of Vanguard.

First up, informing us about the type of weapons used by the Anglo-Saxons at the time of Conquest, and thus those used by the likes of Earl Morcar and Siward Barn and Hereward himself during the rebellion in the Fens against William the Conqueror, is Matt Greatrex of the living history re-enactment group Grantanbrycg. Matt is in the centre of the photo' dressed in brown holding the wooden staff.

Grantanbrycg is a historical reenactment group that focuses on the mid/late Anglo-Saxon period (780-1066CE), which covers the Viking age & Norman Conquest. Grant is the local chapter (based in Cambridgeshire) of Regia Anglorum.

The group’s goal is to explore the history, couture and life style of the Anglo-Saxon and related peoples such as the Danes, and Normans, and share their knowledge with the public at shows across the country.

Grantanbrycg is one of the re-enactment groups that is partnering the WakeHereward Project on their forthcoming events on Hereward and on the Living History and Education programme being implemented during 2021, of which an announcement will be made soon.

Matt will be joined by two other presenters who we will announce over the weekend. The event will be hosted by Professor Maria Peltzer of the WakeHereward Project, with further historical analysis by Hereward historian David AC Maile.

This event will be of interest to those of you interested in the early Medieval period and in particular scholars and historical novelists of late Anglo-Saxon England and the Norman Conquest. There will be an opportunity to ask each presenter questions at the end of the presentation, which, with the Q&A session, will last about an hour.

You must be or become a member of the Hereward Facebook Group at

to gain access where a link will be posted 10 minutes before the start of the presentation. Once you enter the meeting please mute your microphones to avoid background noise disturbance.

See you there!

Hereward mike petty flyer 2.jpg

There were sixty nine people in total in attendance for the online Christmas Special featuring Mike Petty with his talk 'Hereward and other Fighters'. Maybe you can see yourself in some of the screenshots that Maria took during the session?

Mike spoke about how the Fenlands became a refuge for many through history and the various routes the Conqueror's army may have taken to get onto the Island of Ely in order to defeat Hereward and his rebel army, finally revealing his favoured location for the 'secret pathway' that the monks led William's army along in order to gain access to the Island of Ely.

We hope you enjoyed the session and thankyou so much for showing your interest in Hereward the Wake and thankyou to those of you who raised questions at the end. We think you will agree with us that this great folk hero of the Fens, who is already a global icon, should have a bigger profile in his native Fens.

And our very special thanks to Mike Petty who delivered an intriguing story to all of us. Mike has a remarkable knowledge of the Fens and we encourage everyone to join his group Fenland History on Facebook at

And also thanks to Maria Peltzer of the University of La Plata, Argentina, for hosting the evening and supporting Mike in his presentation.

We hope you will join us for our next online event which we have pencilled in for January, details to follow early in the new year.

In the meantime, we hope you are having a good Christmas and wish you all a Happy New Year and a brighter 2021.

Christmas Special - 'Hereward & other Fighters'

This coming Tuesday 29th December at 7:30pm UK time the WakeHereward Project proudly presents a Christmas Special online presentation on Hereward, delivered by well known Fenland Historian and Researcher Mike Petty. Mike kindly offered to appear as a guest presenter as replacement for David Maile when the scheduled 22nd December online event had to be cancelled due to illness. That will now take place early in the new year.

Mike Petty has been the most widely acknowledged authority on Cambridge and the fenland for over 50 years. As former Librarian of the Cambridgeshire Collection he has unique knowledge of Cambridgeshire and its history & is President of Cambridgeshire Association for Local History

He has received various awards including an MBE for services to Cambridgeshire history, an Honorary MA from Cambridge University & an Honorary Fellowship from Anglia Polytechnic University, Cambridge. He is a Life Member of Clare Hall

In 1989 he received the national, prestigious T.C. Farries individual award for a co-ordinated programme of lectures, broadcasts and newspaper articles on Cambridgeshire topics. He has been a regular contributor to radio and television programmes on Cambridgeshire.

Mike has published numerous books, pamphlets & article and had a daily ‘Looking Back’ column and weekly ‘Memories’ page in the Cambridge News for 30 years. He has published thousands of pages of text and illustrations on his Internet Archive and Flickr site, including A Cambridgeshire Scrapbook 1897-1990 and Cambridge 1888-1988: a Chronicle.

His presentation on Hereward is titled 'Hereward and other Fighters' and analyses the numerous times that the Isle of Ely was used as a defensive stronghold in English history by different rebels, dissidents and military characters through the Medieval period and beyond, all of which helps put Hereward's defence against the forces of William the Conqueror into context.

Mike is a well regarded public speaker, known for bringing the history to life and this online event should not be missed by those of you with an interest in Hereward or the history of the Fens.

The evening will be hosted by Anthropologist, Archaeologist and Folklorist Maria Eugenia Peltzer, Professor in Chair of Intangible Cultural Heritage at the University of La Plata, Argentina.

You must be or become a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group at

where a link to the event will be posted 10 minutes before commencement of the presentation.

Event: 'Hereward and other Fighters' Online Presentation

Presenter: Mike Petty

Host: Maria Eugenia Peltzer (WakeHereward Project)

Date: Tuesday 29th December 2020

Time: 7:30 pm UK time (19:30 hrs GMT).

Visit the WakeHereward Project and Subscribe for Updates and the latest news at:

Herewards Last Stand Flyer.jpg

'Hereward's Last Stand'

William 'the Conqueror' may well have won the Battle of Hastings on 14th October 1066 and been crowned the King of England on Christmas Day of the same year, but it was not until he defeated the forces of an outlaw known as Hereward the Wake in the Fenlands at Ely on the 27th October 1071 that he could claim to have control over all of England.

Join 'Hereward's Champion', historian David AC Maile, for this special online presentation of 'Hereward's Last Stand' 949 years after the event, where he will take you on a journey 'On the Conqueror's trail' from Cambridge to Ely, citing historical records written by 12th century monks.

To access the link to the online presentation you must be or become a member of the Hereward Facebook Group at, click the link at the top of this page to go to the group. The presentation begins at 7:30pm on Tuesday 22nd December, the link will be posted on the group page 10 minutes before the start.

Cutural Heritage Hereward Michaelmas Mar

Cultural Heritage Hereward

Michaelmas Online Presentation

Tuesday 29th September 7:30pm UK

Professor Maria Peltzer delivers the latest in a series of online presentations about folk hero Hereward the Wake and his relationship with his native Fenlands.

In this latest installment Maria talks further on Hereward's value as a cultural heritage icon and his qualification as a folklore figure.

'Identarian, Representative, Functional, satisfying a cultural need, the legend arises through an oral story from historical fact.' (Maria Peltzer).

To attend this online event you must be or become a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group at

Click on the button above to go to the group.

There will be a link posted on the group page 10 minutes before the presentation begins.

Hereward HODs Rescheduled presentation S


Another successful online event for the WakeHereward Project after rescheduling from the original date of 15th September. Thankyou all who attended and the thorough questions during the Q&A section. 36 people in attendance is our highest number of online attendeed so far, we hope more of you will come along to the Michaelmas event on 29th September featuring Professor Maria Peltzer and her presentation 'Cultural Heritage Hereward'. You must be or become a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group to obtain the link on the day.

Heritage Open Days

Online Presentation on Google Meet

'Hereward Returns'

Sunday 1th September 7.30pm UK time

                          Presented By

David Maile & Maria Peltzer

You must be or become a member of the Hereward Facebook Group at:

Hereward's return from exile and his slaughter of the Normans at Bourne some time after the Battle of Hastings forms one of the most dramatic events in his legend. In the early 12th Century a Benedictine monk, universally recognised as Richard of Ely, wrote an account of a soldier he called Hereward 'the Outlaw'. Although having difficulty finding information about 'a famous knight among the more famous' he claimed that Hereward was the son of a nobleman he called 'Leofric of Bourne'. The Great Survey of 1086 more commonly known as the Domesday Book, ordered by King William 'the Conqueror' to record land, property and possessions for taxation purposes, bears no record of a Leofric of Bourne, instead it records that Earl Morcar held the Manor of Bourne at the time of the death of King Edward 'the Confessor' in 1066, while recording Hereward as a tenant of Peterborough Abbey and Crowland Abbey in a number of villages in south Lincolnshire. It raises the question of the validity of Hereward as a son of Bourne and his status as a nobleman and knight. 

In this presentation  Hereward Historian David Maile presents the evidence for and against this assertion and draws conclusions on Hereward's validity as a son of Bourne while Maria Peltzer evaluates Hereward's worth to cultural tourism in the town of Bourne and around south Lincolnshire.

Duration: 30 minutes. plus Q+A

You must be a member of the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group to be able to access the link to the presentation.

All welcome!

Hereward World Folklore Day Google Meet

World Folklore Day

Special Online Presentation
Tuesday 25th August 2020
On 'Google Meet' 7.30pm (UK time)

The Folk Hero of the Fens

Hereward the Wake

Presented by

David Maile & Maria Peltzer

You must be or become a member of the the Hereward the Wake Facebook Group to obtain the link to the presentation. The link will be posted online at 7:15pm at

Then go to Meet.Google.Com & paste in the link

UPDATE!  After a successful online event with the presentation of 'Kingsley's Hereward' & 'Evaluating Hereward as Cultural Heritage of the Fens' on Tuesday 25th August we are re-structuring the online presentations into a formulated programme.

Therefore the next online presentation will be on Tuesday 15th September, details will be published on this page in due course.


'Kingsley's Hereward'' - The Manufacturing of a Folklore Hero

                       - Cause - Purpose - & Consequence -


      'Evaluating Hereward as Cultural Heritage of the Fens'

Duration: 35 to 45 minutes, David and Maria will deliver two presentations on Hereward. 'Kingsley's Hereward' analyses how the Victorian novelist Charles Kingsley created a folklore hero to utilise as a vehicle for his ideology, a doctrine that permeated British society and the impact it had upon Britain and its Empire. It will be followed by analysis of the opportunity the Fenlands has to embrace a world renowned icon to encourage cultural tourism into the region of the Fenlands.

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