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'Hereward Returns!'

  WakeHereward Project presents.. The 2nd Annual

                         Living History Festival

Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September 2018

Bourne Saturday 8th September

Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre & Wellhead Park, South St, PE10 9LY

Crowland Sunday 9th September

Crowland Abbey. East St, PE6 0EN

The resurgence of interest in the folk-hero of the Fenlands continues and now we are arranging a weekend-long festival to celebrate the life and times of the outlaw Hereward the Wake in association with Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre, Bourne, and Crowland Abbey as part of the Heritage Open Days weekend this coming September. Free entry!

Hereward was exiled at the age of 18 and returned some years later in early September of 1067 to find that his paternal home had been taken over by Normans and his younger brother had been murdered. He leapt from the shadows and slaughtered them, the next morning 15 Norman heads were hanging from the entrance to his father's home. His legend grew..

Hereward's Return at BALDOCKS MILL BOURNE - THIS SATURDAY 8th SEPTEMBER 10am to 4pm

Living History Re-enactment experience of the Folk in the Life and Times of Anglo-Saxon Bourne complete with the Norman Lord who has overtaken Bourne and has set up residence in Hereward's family home and killed his younger brother.

Plus Arts & Crafts stalls and including a replica of the Bayeux Tapestry being embroidered as well as talks on Hereward and his exploits by historians.

Hereward's Wake will be marked by talks and the Bayeux Tapestry replica on Sunday 9th September at Crowland Abbey 1pm to 3pm.

Come along to this Hereward Gathering and celebrate Hereward's Return - help us to make this a special weekend and come along to Hereward Country in the South Lincolnshire Fenlands to pay tribute to one of the most awe-inspiring individuals in the history of our land.

The Event line-up includes:

Mia Bourne People (2).JPG
Hereward Statue Bourne.jpg
Ant Nottingham.jpg
David Johnson 1.jpg
Mia Me and BT Crowland.jpg
Mia Bourne.jpg
Mia Fenland Citizen image.jpg
Me at Peterborough Cathedral.jpg

Hereward historian David Maile talks at Bourne and Crowland on Hereward's return from exile and his burial at Crowland Abbey

Mia Hansson has now embroidered 13 metres of her Bayeux Tapestry replica. She will talk on the tapestry and her work at Bourne and Crowland.

The only statue we have of Hereward is this one in Baldocks Mill in Bourne

The Dark Villager Ant Nottingham will be strumming the lute and providing the background music at Bourne and Crowland

David Johnson of DMJ IMagery will be filming the event for the Hereward Country YouTube Channel

Regia Norman knight.jpg
Regia People.jpg
Regia People and Crafts.jpg

Who is the Norman lord residing at Hereward's family home?

image courtesy Regia Anglorum.

Arts & Crafts living history by Regia Anglorum

Living History from Regia Anglorum

Historical 'Living History' re-enactment provided by Regia Anglorum

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