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WakeHereward Project

The WakeHereward Project is designed to discuss, inform & raise the profile of the 11th century folklore hero and historical figure Hereward the Wake across his native Fenlands and beyond, for the edification and enjoyment of all.

Based in the Fenlands of Eastern England the WakeHereward Project seeks to utilise Hereward the Wake as a model and icon to which a whole range of tourism businesses, local authorities and third sector businesses can subscribe.

The WakeHereward Project is currently undertaking consultation and proposing a logical step by step plan focusing on tourism promotion opportunities - seeking how best to promote Hereward and the Fen landscape through a coordinated tourism approach by uniting constituent parts that may not have enough tourism appeal on their own - for the benefit of the local Economy, Education and Employment; the Environment - Wildlife and Waterways; Heritage, History and Culture of the Fenlands of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

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