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The Hereward Line runs 29 miles across the Fenlands from Peterborough to Ely in a time of 41 minutes with stops at Whittlesey, March and the village of Manea. If you are taking train and bus services on the 'Hereward Trail - Five Monasteries Tour' then begin by taking the train to Peterborough, unless travlling from the East in which case visit Ely first.

With Peterborough Cathedral five minutes walk from the train station, after your visit there you could return to the train station and take the Hereward Line direct to Ely. Then returning to Peterborough again you could take buses from Queensgate Bus Station, just three minutes walk from the train station, and take buses to any of Ramsey, Thorney or Crowland. There is no bus service linking the three without going back through Peterborough Queensgate. By far the quickest and most efficient form of travel between the five monasteries is by car.


Train Service

Link to the Hereward Line is here:


Bus Services

From Peterborough Queensgate

to Ramsey (Operator: Stagecoach East) Service number 31. Buses run every two hours,

57 minutes to Ramsey. 

to Thorney (Operator: Excel) Service 'B' every hour. 22 minutes to Thorney.

to Crowland (Operator: Stagecoach) Service Number 37 to Spalding

 35 minutes to Crowland. Buses run every 2 hours.

Traveling by Car

Sat-Nav Codes

Peterborough Cathedral - PE1 1XS

Ely Cathedral - CB7 4DL

Crowland Abbey - PE6 0EN

Thorney Abbey - PE6 0QA

Ramsey Abbey Gatehouse - PE26 1DH

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