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'On the Conqueror's Trail'

950 years


25 mile hike across the open Fenlands
Cambridge Castle to Ely Cathedral
Following an ancient track
950 years to the date
27/10/1071 - 27/10/2021
In Commemoration of Hereward
Folk Hero of the Fens
Meet us!

'On the Conqueror's trail'


06.00 - Cambridge Castle

08.00 - Histon

10.00 - Rampton Church

11.oo - Belsars Hill / Aldreth Causeway

12.00 Aldreth

13,30 Haddenham

16.00 - Witchford Church

18.00 Ely Cathedral

ely cathedral.jpg

Ely Cathedral 

Belsars Hill.jpg

Belsars Hill disected by Aldreth Causeway

In 2020 after careful research five intrepid hikers walked the route they believe William the Conqueror had taken in his final assault on the Isle of Ely.

October 27th 2021, 95o years after the defeat of Hereward's forces on the Isle of Ely, we go again!

If you would like to greet us on the route to commemorate Hereward you are most welcome. If you decide to walk in the same direction with us, you do so under your own auspices. Legally we must state that you are not our responsibility.

Arrival times are approximate.

We will be broadcasting on Facebook Live!

during the day on the WakeHereward Project Facebook page.

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