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Reading Archaeology talk on Linc's Landscape

Maria Eugenia Peltzer of the WakeHereward Project attended the Heritage Lincolnshire 'Reading Archaeology' online seminar on Monday 22nd November. It was a talk on understanding and analysing features from a landscape archaeology perspective.

Part of the Lincolnshire Local Listing Campaign delivered by Lydia Hendry, Community Archaeologist at Heritage Lincolnshire, and Archaeologist Felix Mayle, it introduced the archaeological features commonly found in the Lincolnshire landscape.

The online event provided a basic grounding in understanding and analysing the features from a landscape archaeology perspective by looking at how they relate to the landscape around them and what this tells us about how people experienced and interacted with them in the past.

The talk concluded with a short Question & Answer session and a brief introduction to the Lincolnshire Local Listing project.

Maria contributed to the Q&A session

Image: Maria Peltzer on an archaeological excavation in the Argentinian Pampas

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