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950th Anniversary of 'Hereward's return from exile' Sept' 1067 - Sept' 2017

Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre, Bourne, Lincs

Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre, Bourne, Lincs.

Much due to the work of Elisabeth van Houts, we may comfortably assume that not only was Hereward outlawed and worked abroad as a mercenary soldier, but that he returned from exile some few days into September in 1067.

This year then, marks the 950th anniversary of Hereward's return and the beginning of his resistance campaign against the rule of William 'the Conqueror'.

To celebrate such an occasion David Maile will be giving a public talk, hosted by Bourne Civic Society, at Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre on Thursday 7th September (from 7pm to 10pm incl break), which will form part of the 'Heritage Open Days' weekend.

David will be talking about Hereward and the widespread resistance to the Norman Conquest, as well as the cultural impact of 'Hereward the Wake' following the release of the Charles Kingsley novel in 1866 and how Hereward was portrayed, arguing that that image is at odds with today's interpretation of him.

David will be joined by Mia Hansson who is in the process of embroidering a full-size replica of the Bayeux Tapestry, which depicts scenes describing the Norman Conquest of England. The original is believed to have been embroidered by English women in Kent soon after King William I began his reign.

For the first part of the evening David will be talking about the Norman Conquest and the images on the Bayeux Tapestry, particularly the first nine metres of Mia's work, which will be on public display. Mia's tapestry will be laid out on the ground floor of the heritage centre. Then from 8pm will be the talk on Hereward and the WakeHereward Project, a community project David has built in order to raise the profile of Hereward across his native Fenlands and beyond.

1950's British Rail poster depicting Hereward at Ely

At the close of the event there will be a collection made towards Interpretation Boards for Hereward, so in the future the public can read about his life and exploits in the place identified as his home town.

Admission for the evening's event is free.


Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre

21 South Street


Lincolnshire PE10 9LY


Thursday 7th September 2017 7pm to 10pm.

Historian David Maile will lead the evening's event at Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre in Bourne talking about the life and exploits of Hereward the Wake and his cultural impact upon British society from the 19th Century.

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