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Hereward Country TV

In association with DMJ Imagery the WakeHereward Project are in production of The Hereward Story which will broadcast on the Hereward Country YouTube Channel. Locations across the Fenlands include Bourne, Crowland, Peterborough and Ely - where interviews are being undertaken, presented by Hereward historian David Maile.

















The WakeHereward Project

The WakeHereward Project is being set up to discuss, inform & raise the profile of the 11th century folklore hero and historical figure Hereward the Wake. 
Based in the Fenlands of Eastern England the WakeHereward Project seeks to utilise Hereward the Wake as a model and icon to which a whole range of tourism businesses, local authorities and third sector businesses can subscribe, for the edification and enjoyment of all.
The WakeHereward Project is currently undertaking consultation and proposing a logical step by step plan focusing on tourism promotion opportunities - seeking how best to promote the Fen landscape through a coordinated tourism approach by uniting constituent parts that may not have enough tourism appeal on their own - for the benefit of the local Economy Education and Employment; the Environment - Wildlife and Waterways; Heritage, History and Culture of the Fenlands of Lincolnshire, Cambridgeshire and Norfolk.

In the planning

1): Interpretation Boards across relevant sites

2): Tourist Brochure

3): Children's Book

4): Hereward Country Tv


The Hereward Challenge

Over 2nd & 3rd June David Maile walked a section of the Hereward Way between Peterborough & Ely and raised £403 towards Interpretation Boards. Further sponsored walks are imminent:

1): Oakham to Peterborough along the Hereward Way

2): Thetford to Ely along the Hereward Way

When the whole of the Hereward Way is completed a report will be made on its condition. and presented to the relevant authorities.




Public Appearance:

Heritage Open Days Weekend - 950th Anniversary of Hereward's return from exile!

Thursday 7th Setember

Baldocks Mill Heritage Centre

21 South Street,


Linc's PE10 9LY

7pm to 10pm

Free Admission (collection towards Hereward noticeboard)



Wednesday 15th March - Ely Museum, Cambs CB7 4LS

From 7pm

'Hereward and the English Resistance'

A one hour talk by David Maile.

Saturday 28th January - Crowland Abbey, Linc's PE6 0EN.

From 7pm.

'Hereward and the English Resistance'

A one hour talk by David Maile. Mia Hansson and the Bayeux Tapestry replica, on display. Filming by Hereward Country Tv.


Wednesday 11th January - March Society at March Library, Camb's PE15 9LT

From 7pm to 9pm.

'The Cultural Impact & Ever-Changing Image of Hereward the Wake'

A one hour talk with Q&A by David Maile.

Other dates to be announced.

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