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Spot the Monastery Site, Terms and Conditions.


1 The child must list all five former monastery sites corresponding to the numbers shown in the right hand corner of each photograph. (Question 1).

2 The child must name the new Norman abbot of Peterborough who arrived after Hereward had sacked Peterborough Monastery. (Question 2).

3 The child must get their parent/guardian/adult (over 21) to email the child's answers to the WakeHereward Project at

4 It must include the first name only, then the age of the child and then the name and location (town/city/village of the child's school.

5 The Parent/Guardian/Adult (over 21) must write their full name (first and last names) on the entry, they will be our direct contact if the child is the winner.

6 The answers and details must be sent from the parent/guardian/adult email address.

7 If the email address is the child's or anyone under the age of 21 the entry will be disqualified.

8 Two separate entries from the same email address will mean disqualification for both entries.

9 Only children aged from 5 to 16 years may enter and must be in formal education in England from year 1 to year 11 as of 12th May 2023

10 This competition will run from 12th May to Midnight on 28th June 2023.

11 Only one entry per child, more than one child from a household may enter but they must enter through another parent/guardian or adult over the age of 21 from a different email address.

12 The parent/guardian/adult agrees that their email address is automatically subscribed to and can be unsubscribed by them at any time.

13 The WakeHereward Project will request a photograph of the winning child for promotion on Hereward sites only, on social media and the Hereward website  though will seek approval at the parent/guardian/adult's discretion.

14 The WakeHereward Project will request to state the full name and school of the winning child for social media and media promotion purposes, at the parent/guardian/adult's discretion.

15 The prize of £100 will be paid direct to the school through bank transfer by Friday 21st July 2023.



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