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Hereward Returns with a new image !

Hereward DA new 3 1st.jpg

Anthropologist & Archaeologist Professor Maria Peltzer holding one of the new images of Hereward with Historian David Maile and Graphic Artist Diego Aballay

Welcome to the latest Hereward news from the WakeHereward Project!

For a number of years now the WakeHereward Project has been active in promoting the folk hero Hereward the Wake across his native Fenlands and beyond. It is Hereward, of course, who in history and legend is the one redeeming feature for the English people at the most cataclysmic moment in their history, when the crown was taken at the Battle of Hastings in 1066 and Duke William of Normandy became King William of England. Hereward has come to symbolise not only the spirit of resistance to the Norman Conquest of England, but also a figure of opposition to universal oppression.

It has been our objective to build his profile across a number of platforms, from social media to print media to television media to live events, public talks and presentations  throughout history societies, civic societies, and academic institutions home and abroad, as well as across the Fenlands, the project has never tired in its ongoing efforts.

The fruits of the labour are clear to see. When the project began barely anything was written about him on social media, today just googling his name brings up hundreds of different entries.

This success story continues relentlessly and once current worldwide uncertainties have subsided it will soon be time to present to the public the next stage of our planning.

It will be led by a new looking Hereward. The image of him will be very much in keeping with the old traditional images but with a modern slant in the style of artwork used. We have commissioned internationally renown artist Diego Abally to take up the mantle to produce a number of scenes relevant to the Hereward story for use of any number of purposes in our promotion of the most famous folk hero of England after Robin Hood.

Unlike Robin, we can trace Hereward in history to the extent that outside of Church and Monarchy he is the most written-about English person that lived at the time of the Norman Conquest. Within a century of his death a whole plethora of texts were written about him, though many contradictory accounts and some with questionable events, making him a veritable medieval man of mystery and such an enduring character that today he is the central topic of many novels and stories.

As of yet we will not give you a rundown of our plans, that will come at the right time. In the meantime enjoy the images of Hereward on this page.

For copyright reasons we are showing you a small image of a full length Hereward being held by Anthropologist and Archaeologist Professor Maria Peltzer in the company of Hereward Historian David Maile and  the Graphic Artist Diego Aballay.

Below we present to you a full-faced headshot of our new Hereward, not looking at his happiest, but we deem that at the time of his rebellion across the Fens he had rather a lot on his mind!

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We wish you all good health and hope you and yours stay safe. Now enjoy the image of the new Hereward...

Hereward head DA with.jpg

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