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Hereward has been captured by adversary Ulcus Ferrus 'the hardest man in Britain' and his Men and hauled before the Shire Court, being held by his uncle, the Shire Reeve (Sheriff) Thorold of Lincoln. Upon arrival of the King's writ Hereward faces trial and if all the folk of Bourne present vote to have him Outlawed then King Edward upholds the petition of his parents to have him Exiled.

Scene 1 - The Shire Court (inside Bourne Town Hall Court House)

Act 1 'The Gathering'

Leofric the Deacon (monk) reads part of the transcript from the Gesta Herwardi.

The folk of Bourne are assembled when Lady Godiva and her Lady in Waiting enter the Court and regally make their way to the balcony.

Lady in Waiting (The Dark Bardess) performs a song about Hereward

Shire Reeve, Thorold of Lincoln, brother of Lady Godiva and Hereward's uncle enters the Court with two guards. Hurried, busy, stressed, stern, but humorous. Addresses the folk of Bourne.

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