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Hereward's Exile! 

Old Town Hall, Bourne

'The Case of Queen Edith's Knickers!' - 30 minute short play

Rory G as Hereward


Saturday 21st May 2022 - 7pm

'An Evening Remembering Hereward' with Historians David Roffe & David Maile

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Hereward's Exile!

After two superb performances in 'Hereward's Return!' at Folkingham and 'Hereward's Last Stand!' at Aldreth, Rory G is back as the folk hero Hereward 'the Wake'

in a

30 minute short play

'Hereward's Exile!'

at Bourne Town Hall on

Saturday 21st May

The Old Town Hall,

North Street,



PE10 9EA


Ticket Only! Sorry Sold Out!

900 years ago, in the early 12th Century, a Benedictine Monk, believed to have been Richard of Ely, compiled a lengthy eulogy of Hereward and his life as a warrior.

He told the story of a wild, rough youth, the son of a nobleman, Leofric the Lord of Bourne, who was exiled by the king at the behest of his parents aged just eighteen.

Richard described Hereward's adventures as a mercenary soldier abroad and how he became 'a famous knight among the more famous' before returning to his hometown to protect the very people who had him exiled years earlier.


Hereward's story is about the forlorn attempt of one man's heroic determination to rescue his folk from tyranny at the time of the

Norman Conquest of England.

Ably supported and antagonised by Heather Bailey as Hereward's legendary mother, the famous Lady Godiva, Rory G as Hereward is led bound and under heavy guard into the Shire Court to hear of his fate when the king's sealed writ arrives in Bourne.


The Shire Reeve takes great pleasure in reading out the sentence, but it wouldn't be Hereward to leave town without having something to say about it all..


'Hereward's Exile!' copyright WakeHereward 2022. All Rights Reserved.

Hereward Folkingham Daniel Isted.jpg Filtered.jpg

Rory G as Hereward at Folkingham Castle in September. Photo by Daniel Isted.

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Bourne Town Hall


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