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'Hereward - Hero or Villain?'

David Maile of the WakeHereward Project will be talking about 'Hereward, Hero or Villain?' at the Open For Nature Event on Saturday 12th August (11am to 2pm) on the Village Green in Cottenham, Cambridgeshire.

(CB24 8XT postcode for Sat-Nav)


David will be joined by medieval re-enactor Rory G as Hereward, who will be taking a particular interest in the state of the roads in Cottenham nowadays and all of the potholes that need filling in!

Rumour has it that Hereward and his Band have been seen around the Fen Edge near Cottenham in recent times... likely disguised as fishermen, it's said they are infiltrating among the Normans, helping them to collect wood and timber on small boats and take it to the Dock at Cottenham. William is building a Causeway close-by apparently, so watch out for Hereward he will likely be walking around Cottenham dressed in disguise on Open For Nature Day, making plans and contacting close allies.

Some say he will arrive in Cottenham when the Summer Sun is at its highest..

You have been forewarned, tell your villagers, don't cross the Wake, remember Burwell was razed to the ground at his hands. And as for those potholes in the village, well, it seems like there is only one person to blame...

'Hereward, Hero or Villain?' presented by David Maile with Rory G acting as Hereward - together presenting Local History, Heritage and a dose of Medieval Street Theatre on Saturday 12th August at 1pm, Cottenham Village Green during Open For Nature Day.

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'Hereward, Hero or Villain?'

Presented by David Maile at 1pm

featuring Rory G as

Hereward the Wake

'Open For Nature Day'

Cottenham Village Green (CB24 8TX)

Saturday 12th August 11am to 2pm


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